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- An amusing tactical game around the world's first oil rush -

1901: Welcome to Spindletop Hill, birthplace of the mordern oil industry.

The first sources of oil already have been found and all adventures head for Texas to find their fortune.

However, the sources are limited. Who will find the right places to set up their oil rigs and produce the most oil?

The game is structured into 2 phases: the setting phase and the scoring phase :
  1. The setting phase:
    In phase 1, the player throws the dice and then has to place a neutral token or one of his own game pieces in the specified area.
  2. The scoring phase:
    In phase 2, the players decide in which sequence they evaluate their oil rigs in order to produce oil, however, always dependent on the moves of the other players.

+++ Extension included +++ for hardcore and occasional player +++ historical background +++ very good also for two players +++ video explanation +++ variants included +++ Spare part service +++ FAQ online +++ Information on the background and the development of the game +++ Blog +++ Fan rules online +++